So, now you're probably wondering, "How can I request sheet music?" Send a message to me at Ichigo's Forums (I'm Sango_Uchiha) or email me at [email protected] There are some rules though:


You MUST request a piece from one of these shows or I will NOT transcribe it for you:


~InuYasha (as well as The Final Act aka Kanketsu-hen)

~Naruto (including Shippuden)

~Fullmetal Alchemist (including Brotherhood)

~Death Note

~Fruits Basket


~Cardcaptor Sakura

~Chrno Crusade

~Ouran High School Host Club

~Ayashi no Ceres (aka Ceres: a Celestial Legend)

~Vampire Knight (and also Vampire Knight Guilty)

~Ranma 1/2

~Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei (also Zoku, Goku, and Zan)

~One Piece

~The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya


~Any Vocaloid Song


You may NOT post my transcriptions anywhere else without telling me first.


You may NOT sell my transcriptions to make a profit.


You may NOT claim my transcriptions as your own. I've worked really hard to make them!


and lastly....


Enjoy them!

How to Request Sheet Music